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Womens Probiotic CFU Guaranteed with Cranberry, Vegan Strains, Probiotics for Women Supports Digestive, Immune, & Vaginal Health, Lovely Shelf Stable Gummy Supplement, No Soy Gluten Gummies

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Hello Lovely! Womens ProbioticProbiotics for women with cranberry for daily digestive, vaginal, urinary & immune health support. Vegan probiotic strains, shelf stable and no gluten or soy. Ultimate flora support and feminine care, with support for gut health.
  • 3 Billion CFUs: Once daily women's probiotic gummies for optimal feminine health support
  • Happy Vag Happy Life: Formulated with specially chosen lactobacillus strains rhamnosus, acidophilus, fermentum and reuteri to support vaginal flora and normal pH balance
  • Digestive, Urinary & Immune Support: Natural digestive health & immune support with cranberry extract for urinary tract support
  • Convenient & Natural: Our delicious, easy to chew gummies are made with natural flavors; No water & no refrigeration required, conveniently take them anytime and any place
  • Womens Probiotic Gummies Billion CFU Hello Lovely Formulated: best for all women and over 40 50 60 once daily probiotics gummy para