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Antarctic Krill Oil Supplement 1000mg Purity Tested Krill with Omega 3, Epa, Dha and Astaxanthin - Made in USA - Heart Support and Joint Support, Non-GMO, No Fishy Aftertaste

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Premium Krill Oil Softgels with High Omega 3’s and Astaxanthin:Krill oil contains the powerful omega 3s, EPA and DHA. These have many benefits for your health, which is why it is important to take krill oil if you do not consume the recommended eight ounces of seafood per week.Krill Over Fish Oil:One of the greatest benefits of krill oil over fish oil is that it typically has a higher purity and is 1 of the best sources of Omega 3s, EPA, and DHA, which are extremely beneficial for your health. It also contains astaxanthin, which gives the krill oil its red color and has many health benefits such as:High EPA and DHAJoint SupportHeart SupportAstaxanthinPremium Ingredients for a High Quality Supplement:Our krill oil suppliment is Antarctic krill oil which is considered the highest quality krill oil in the world and contains high amounts of the Omega 3's Epa and DHA.Our Natural Ingredients Nutritional Benefits:Astaxanthin: Krill Oil contains Astaxanthin, an incredibly powerful natural ingredient that can help defend against free radicals as well as many other impressive health benefits.EPA: Signals molecules in your body called eicosanoids to support your heart, help your brain, support your joints, and more.DHA: Comprises 97% of the omega 3’s in the brain and is an important nutrient for supporting your brain and eye health.Trusted Formula:We manufacture our Krill Oil Supplement using the highest quality ingredients available while following current good manufacturing practices. This supplement is manufactured in the USA and each batch is verified by a 3rd party laboratory for purity and quality.

  • Antarctic Red Krill Oil 1000mg Softgels: Each softgel is packed with 500mg of Omega3 Krill Oil sourced from the fresh cold waters of the Antarctic
  • Rich in Omega 3s: Each serving is packed with 1000 mg of EPA, DHA, Phospholipids, & Astaxanthin to provide the best omega 3 support
  • Better Source of Omega-3: Daily consumption of Antarctic Red Krill Oil is arguably one of the best ways obtain omega 3s thanks to the higher concentration of astaxanthin when compared to other alternatives
  • Easy to Swallow Softgel Capsules: Our liquid softgels are small and easy to swallow making it a convenient source for providing heart health support, joint support, & dry eye support
  • Purity Verified: Sourced from Antarctica and bottled in the USA, each batch is verified by a 3rd party laboratory to provide maximum purity and quality