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Cranberry Softgels with Vitamin E and C, 12600mg Concentrate

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Nature's Nutrition Cranberry Softgels provide premium urinary support as well as support for immune health and overall wellness. Our Cranberry Softgels include 20 mg of ascorbic acid and 1.4 mg of Vitamin E, along with a powerful 50:1 concentrate from 25,200 mg of fresh cranberries.

Cranberries contain natural polyphenols, compounds found in plants that deliver a variety of health benefits. Regularly consuming polyphenols has been shown to support the heart and to support digestive health.

Nature's Nutrition Cranberry Softgels are Non GMO and created following strict cGMP guidelines. The product is reviewed by a third party to assure the highest quality.

  • Cranberry with Vitamin E and C: Our premium Cranberry Softgels with Vitamins E and C provide powerful support for urinary health and supports immune health
  • Quality Cranberry Concentrate: Nature's Nutrition Cranberry Softgels have no added sugar and are packed with a 50:1 concentrate of 25,200 mg of fresh cranberries, sourced from non-GMO cranberry farms
  • Natural Polyphenols: These cranberry softgels deliver polyphenols, found in cranberries, which provide urinary health support, digestive health support, and immune support
  • Trusted Formula: Our Cranberry Softgels are formulated and manufactured in the USA following strict cGMP guidelines and are third party reviewed for maximum quality and purity
  • Convenient, Easy to Swallow: Nature's Nutrition Cranberry helps support urinary health and is beneficial to both men and women