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Probiotics for Kids - Chewable Digestive Health and Immune Support Supplement - Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Strawberry Flavored Daily Probiotics Gummy for Children with Lactobacillus Acidophilus


Nature's Nutrition Pledge
We set out to create the best kid probiotic gummy. That's why our children's probiotic gummies are gluten free, non GMO, contain no soy, dairy, synthetic colors, and are 3rd party certified by an independent lab following strict cGMP guidelines. We also added 5 billion CFU's, essential for creating an amazing children probiotic vitamin.

Digestion Support with Probiotics for Kids
Scientifically formulated with L paracasei and L salivarius, each tasty rich strawberry gummy contains 5 billion beneficial CFU's, essential for empowering children's digestive support with kid probiotics.

Immune Support Purposed for Children
Support your child's overall wellness and help them be strong to achieve their true potential with our Kids Probiotc Gummies delivering maximum immune support with 5 billion CFUs per serving, all entirely purposed for children.

Easy & Convenient
Easy on the go convenience with a tasty flavor that makes them even easier to eat.

Trusted Quality
To ensure maximum quality and purity, each batch is 3rd party certified by an independent lab and formulated following strict cGMP guidelines.

  • Probiotics for Kids: Chewable gummies containing 5 billion CFUs that provide probiotics for kids' digestive health support
  • Nature's Nutrition Pledge: We set out to create the best kids probiotc chewables; That's why our gummies are Gluten Free, Non GMO, contain no soy, dairy, or synthetic colors and are 3rd party certified by an independent lab following strict cGMP guidelines
  • Daily Immune Support: Probiotics have also been shown to support immune health and our Kids Probiotic chewables is no different; Providing children with strong daily immune support for everyday life
  • All Ages Children's Probiotics: Whether your child is a toddler or a kid, our kids chewable probiotics provide the same digestion support and immune support
  • Convenient Kids Probiotics: Gummies are easy to chew and make it easy for kids to support their digestive health every day