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Probiotics for Women, 50 Billion CFU + Prebiotics & Cranberry, Vaginal Women's Probiotic, for Digestive Health, pH & Immune Support, Vegan Strains, No Dairy Soy Gluten, Shelf Stable - 30 Capsules

Hello Lovely! Probiotics for women with prebiotics, cranberry and d-mannose for daily digestive, vaginal, urinary & immune health support. Women's probiotic & prebiotic capsules with vegan probiotic strains, shelf stable and no gluten, dairy or soy. Ultimate flora support and feminine care, with support for gut health.
  • Happy Vag Formula: Specially chosen strains to support vaginal flora and normal pH balance
  • Digestive health & immune support with cranberry extract
  • Daily women's probiotic for optimal feminine health support
  • Formulated & third party tested in the USA following strict cGMP guidelines to assure the quality & purity of each batch
  • Probiotics for Women Capsules: Hello Lovely! Best vegan womens probiotic & prebiotic supplement 50 billion cfu multi raw strain with cranberry bifidobacterium and lactobacillus acidophilus daily digestive vag vaginal gut health 10 100 20 ph balance support pregnancy menopause vaginial pro biotic pre biotics capsule nutritional over 40 50 oral probioitcs prebiotics probotics pills supplements formulated para mujer probioticos y prebioticos vajinales preboioticos vaginigal