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Hair Vitamins Gummies with Biotin 5000 mcg Vitamin E & C Support Hair Growth Gummy, Premium Vegetarian Non-GMO, for Stronger, Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails, Biotin Gummies Supplement - 60 Gummy Bears

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  • Premium Hair Support with High-Potency Biotin: Our hair vitamins feature 5000 mcg of biotin per serving, a key nutrient for revitalizing and promoting dense, vibrant hair growth; Essential for overall hair health, it's a top choice among hair growth vitamins
  • Nutritional Support with Hair Vitamins: Our gummies are fortified with Vitamins E & C, essential hair vitamins that help in scalp health and collagen production, crucial for the strength of your hair and the look of your skin
  • Beauty Benefits Beyond Hair: A comprehensive hair vitamin that also supports skin hydration and nail strength; Our balanced formula nourishes beauty from the inside out, perfect for natural hair support
  • Convenient & Tasty Hair Vitamin: Enjoy the convenience and taste of our gummy bears, a delightful way to incorporate essential hair growth vitamins into your daily routine; Each bottle is designed to support your hair, skin, and nail health, making it an ideal choice for those looking for vitaminas para el cabello
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